Our Team

Our team takes pride in hiring the talented people which hold a passion for quality and which have the ability to listen to our customer’s needs and meet their requirements. We believe that satisfied customers are returning customers, therefore we always aim to build long-term relationships with our customers and to earn their trust and loyalty. We work together with healthcare professionals to bring the most innovative products to our customers. Our team have long expertise and are always keen and open to discuss any opportunity to help you find good quality products that fit your needs, to the right price. We wish to hear from you regarding your needs and requirement, together we will aim towards building a rewarding relationship that will last for a long time to come.

Our Headquarter

At Pinmed we arrange custom quality inspection that meet your unique needs, we also provide a wide variety of product test and have the capacity to provide any kind of reports that you might need to get your products. We provide visual inspections in our warehouse and items are checked to ensure they meet the order requirements. We also perform an identity check, look for short shots (incomplete parts), cracks and splits, loose particulate, embedded particulate, flash, burn or blister marks, distortion, air bubbles and color.

Our Facility

Pinmed’s products are designed to be the highest quality in their class and revolutionary in their effect. Device manufacturers depend on Pinmed’s medical industry experience to assist in the development of some of the most innovative and effective medical devices in the industry. At Pinmed, we take our reputation for product leadership seriously, continually delivering new products and better solutions to the Medical OEM market.